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Guitar Class And Other Activities

During May Mumbai turns into a different world: it’s becoming extremely hot and extremely empty (relatively meant). Many migrants from the rural areas of India go home to visit their families and to escape the urban heat. Our Youth Empowerment Program as well as the computer classes take a break until June to start fresh and enthusiastic into the rain season.

But our kids don’t want to take a break. They still want to learn and do activities with us. So we decided to keep the doors of the Community Center and office open for them. And we started with a lot of new specialities in our program.

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Teacher Research Nutrition In Dharavi

Reality Gives teachers Malika and Asthma have been interviewing households in Dharavi about health and nutrition. As part of a research project being undertaken by v-shesh, an organisation dedicated to connecting youth and women to income opportunities, our teachers are being employed during the summer season to undertake this survey work.

“This is fabulous experience for the teachers” according to Lakshmi, Headmistress of the Reality Gives English Language Support Program. The teachers will be undertaking home visits as part of the interviews. “This will be good practice for conducting academic home visits in this new school year.”

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Wall Painting Project

Ten students from Reality Gives’ programs in Dharavi joined together with 8 street children and their parents to complete two wall segments. The first mural shows the trees and waters that are found in Mumbai highlighting the message “keep us clean” with the dream of seeing a cleaner Mumbai. The second shows a colorful and happy home…which some of the children who were painting for the project do not have.
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Girls’ Football Program

Two weeks ago we finally started the Yuwa Girls Football Program in Dharavi. Every morning at 6am three coaches receive around 12 to 20 enthusiastic girls in the age of six to 14 in the Reality Gives Community Center in Dharavi. In the following two hours the girls run, sing, play and kick the ball until they are breathless.
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Kindergarten Closure

After 3 years of wonderful work teaching students using the child-centred approach, Reality Gives has decided to close the doors of Muskaan, our kindergarten. “This was a really difficult decision to make, however we saw that we could impact more children through our English Language Support Program in the local public schools,” said Summer Starr, Executive Director or Reality Gives. Continue reading Kindergarten Closure