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Connection Projects -CORP Children With Disabilities Program #1

Reality Gives is launching two new Connection Projects. Besides an Acupuncture Clinic in Dharavi we will also support a Day Care Centre for Disabled children in Dharavi which is run by the community-based NGO CORP. In Dharavi, children born with a physical disability are at risk for infanticide or abandonment. Families struggle to find the time and the resources to meet these children’s needs. CORP’s programme for the physically challenged was initiated 20 years ago with the mission of helping these children to achieve self sufficiency and reduce the burden on their families. CORP’s does this through education, health and empowerment activities.

We would like to introduce this and the next week to some of the beneficiaries of CORP so you get an idea how big the impact of this program is.

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New Guides Subhash And Sagar

Subhash has grown up and still lives with his family in Dharavi on 90 feet Road, not far from our Reception Centre. He says that sometimes his friends wonder why he shows foreigners around in their neighborhood but he just ignores them and dreams of his future. Because Subhash uses the job as a guide to earn money for his motor racing career. He can join a professional team in Chennai but for that he has to earn money to pay the membership. Apart from partly legal motor races he also loves to dance. He is part of the very famous Hip-Hop and Breakdance group “The Slumgods” and is more than proud of that. He found out about the job through his sister who was a student of the Youth Empowerment Program last year which is funded by the tours. He likes the job because he doesn’t sit around in an office and get bored all day long!

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A Saturday With FMCH In Dharavi!

Tara is an Expat living in Mumbai. She loves our Dharavi Health and Nutrition Project and volunteered to write a short report about her experience while attending the last session on 6th October 2012. She will also create a cook book together with Nutritionists of FMCH. Read here about her Day in Dharavi:

FMCH runs a weekly clinics at the Reality Gives’ community centre in Dharavi on Saturday afternoons. On alternate Saturdays a cooking demonstration is held or a talk about issues the participants would like to discuss. This Saturday was cooking time! The knowledgeable and energetic Sneha Rout, a FMCH nutritionist, led last Saturday’s cooking demonstration. Four mothers with their numerous children gathered round to listen and learn about the recipes Sneha was preparing with the help of Nanda Goregaokar, a part-time FMCH cook. Nazia and Sangeeta, Library and Youth Empowerment Program teachers with Reality Gives helped facilitate the clinic, providing water, cleaning cooking utensils and managing the crowd of children who had gathered. They both are from Dharavi as well and know the attending women and children very well. Most of them participated in other projects of Reality Gives before.

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Meet Asim!

Although, true to his character, he shies away from his job title, Asim is the co-director of the Ashayen Community Centre, Manager of the Reality Tours and Travel Reception Centre, Tour Guide Manager and tour guide himself but everyone who comes into contact with him immediately realises he’s even so much more than that. He’s an inspiration, a mentor, and a truly great chap.

Jonny, a volunteer of Reality Gives in 2011 interviewed him about his job, his ambitions and the kids of Dharavi. Since Asim has a lot to do, there is also a lot to read about him:

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