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Responsible Tourism Awards Ceremony

Ray Way, Chairman of Reality Gives and father of our founder Chris felt very honored when he received the awards in the sections “Best Poverty Reduction” and “Overall Winner” on behalf of the RTT team during the Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards Ceremony two weeks back. Read here about the event and how proud he is to be part of our team:

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Barefoot Acupuncture Site Report

Barefoot Acupuncturist Dharavi Clinic is located in the midst of Dharavi Slum in Mumbai. It’s a precious stone of fraternal help in a multi-cultural neighbourhood. The neighborhood has an highly active population and life never ceases on the narrow alleys and streets, making Dharavi an authentic maze to anyone that doesn’t know the area.

BA Dharavi Clinic is at one brilliant corner of this amazing maze. You would never guess that at this particular spot someone set up a western style multi-bed clinic to help anyone in need.

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Connection Projects- CORP Children With Disabilities Program #2

This week we present you three more great individual stories from the CORP Children with Disabilities Program in Dharavi.

My name is Ram and I’m nine. My father works as a helper in Plasticware Manufacturing Company. Also, during his spare time, he sells vegetables at the market. Due to financial constraints, it is difficult to make ends meet. My mother is hardworking and takes care of me and my twin brother Shyam. We stay in a rented house. Sadly, I have multiple deformities and I was born with a slight mental deficiency. Also, I am spastic from below the waist. However, after I underwent tongue surgery, I can speak sparingly and thank to therapy I am able to move my limbs! Now I am attending a Special School and I am progressing in my studies, this really gives me a strong motivation to keep working hard!

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