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English Language Support Program Goes Green

Reality Gives was very happy to get the help of the two enthusiastic volunteers Charmayne and Trevor from US in the last two weeks. They have visited different sites and wrote several blog articles for us to get updates on the projects. The first one is about the English Language Support Program and its recent project:

Dharavi has two public schools and Reality Gives has been working with the one in Kala Kila since 2009. Lakshmi Vishwanatham, RG’s head of education for 2+ years has developed an English Language Support Program (ELS) to enrich the curriculum for grades 1-3 since this vernacular school’s classes are only taught in Marathi, the regional language. Lakshmi oversees ten teachers who get an hour per day with each class to teach English. Her methodology is unique and has provided results: an active learning process that encompasses all of the senses- visual, auditory, speech, and tactile.

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The Impact Of A Donation

At the beginning of this month the Rickshaw Run Team “Where the tuk is the party” has visited Reality Gives and its partners. They have brought Rs 70k with them to donate towards various programs. Rs15k went towards the CORP disabled children program and provided two calipers for beneficiaries in need. These are their stories, written by the volunteers Renisha Mall and Vinu Varghese:

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Meet Steph

One week back Steph, the new CEO of Reality Tours and Travel arrived in Mumbai to start her work. She will explain on our blog what she did before, what she did in her first week and how excited she is for the future to come:

“Hi, my name is Stephanie and I started as the new CEO for Reality Tours and Travel last Monday. Originally, I am from Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA but before moving to Mumbai, I was living in London where I earned my MA in International Tourism Development and Management and then worked for the small-group adventure travel company, G Adventures. I’ve also lived in New York, Amsterdam, and Shanghai. However, I have always wanted to live in India so I couldn’t be more excited to be here!

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How A Smartphone Case Can Help Children In Dharavi

By beginning of this week we have introduced you to our Reality Gives Ambassadors from the Rickshaw Race Team 2013. Today we want to tell you the story of our new Ambassador who came up with such a great idea worth reading about.

Christiana left her career behind in Chicago to travel the world in 2012. In India, she had a near death experience from a severe viral infection in her stomach and was carried to the hospital where she was treated for days. When she collapsed and regained consciousness, she couldn’t be more grateful of the medication and vaccinations.

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The Rickshaw Run Team

Now it’s almost one year ago when we started our Reality Gives Ambassador program and it’s fantastic for us to see how great the response is. This week we will feature two great stories about International supporters who fundraise for our projects – either in a very professional or totally crazy way!

Yesterday we hosted the Rickshaw Run Team “Where the tuk is the party”. Carla, Willemijn, Joost, Carolien, Suzanne, Frank, all from the Netherlands are currently on a big challenge: They want to travel from Jaisalmer to Kochin in two Rickshaws in two weeks. All by themselves as they have set the route and no one follows them to help if the vehicle breaks down. Even they say it’s kind of crazy but “you see India from a totally different perspective when you ride a Rickshaw. You feel, see and smell the country more intensive and we get to know so many nice hospitable people.”

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