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Inspiring Stories From 2013

Today we would like to tell you the stories of some incredible people who choose to support Reality Gives by raising funds and awareness for our projects . These are the stories of the Reality Gives Ambassadors 2013:

Therese and Andreas Uhrner and kids visit the cause they fundraised for. The Swedish family contacted us in early January with the idea to fundraise for a social cause in Mumbai which they could visit when they visit India in February. As the mother works with disabled adults in Sweden they were especially interested in the CORP (Community Outreach Program) Centre for disabled children in Dharavi.

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Recent Developments Our Yuwa Girls Football Academy

After a long break from December to March the Yuwa Girls Football Program finally started again with full power. The two new coaches Kalawak (17) and Anita (18), both village girls from the Yuwa program in Jharkhand have started to give daily training sessions on March, 19th.

At the beginning just ten of the initial 20 players strong team returned to the training. But the reason wasn’t lack of motivation or problems at home. It was much simpler and positive: they were in the middle of the annual exams and studied hard!

Now around 30 girls attend regularly the training which takes place at the Mahim public play ground from 6 to 8pm during the week and at 6am on Sundays.

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Reflections From Our YEP Graduates

Yesterday the recent Youth Empowerment Program batch with 26 students graduated after 3.5 months studying English, Computer and Soft Skills. Steph, the new CEO of Reality Tours and Travel handed over the certificates to the happy students.

It was an exciting batch with a lot of new developments. Laura, our research volunteer from UK worked with the students to improve her English Language Mobile Learning Program and got some very interesting insights.

Laura also worked on the great profiles of the students which we published in the last days here on our blog. She talked to the students about the importance and impact of the program and got some really interesting reflections. Here are some of them:

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YEP Students Zareena, Falak, Tauqueer and Asif Share Their Stories

Zareena lives with her six sisters, three brothers and parents in Dharavi. Her father is in the navy. She is currently studying for her H.S.C.. Zareena is very creative and would like to have her own business in the future. She also likes the idea of being a teacher, but she is still young so has plenty of time to decide. She thinks English language skills will defintely help her to achieve her goals.

Falak is the youngest in a large, middle-class family. She has reached 11th Standard at school and is studying for the H.S.C. in Science. She then hopes to embark on a beautician course in Dharavi. She thinks English will really help her in her chosen career path, because it will allow her to communicate with clients and will lead to faster promotion. When she is not studying, Falak helps her mother with the household duties.

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YEP Students Sulbha, Anand, Prabhawati and Moji Share Their Stories

Sulbha has recently married and settled in Dharavi with her husband’s family. She thinks that English language skills will be very important if she has children in the future. She also feels these skills are essential for any job. She would be particularly interested in working in a library. In her free time, she likes to read newspapers and books in English, Hindi or Marathi.

Anand is studying for his S.S.C. in a private college and will take his exams this summer. He is Amalin’s younger brother, and his family is originally from Tamil Nadu. He would like a government job in the future, perhaps in shipping, and will need to be able to communicate fluently in English in order to achieve his goal. In fact, he feels that English will be an advantage in any job application process. In his free time, Anand enjoys playing cricket.

Prabhawathi hopes that taking part in this course will allow her to teach her family in the future. She’d like to be able to help both her younger siblings and her children, when they get older, with their English. She was unable to take her S.S.C. exams, because she had an accident on the morning of the exam and ended up in hospital. Unfortunately, now she is married and has small childen, she cannot
continue her education.

Moij’s future career is his top priority. So far, he has completed his S.S.C. in a Hindi-medium school and has recently transferred to English-medium. He now needs to learn English quickly! He is interested in pursuing his studies in mechanical engineering, and would like to focus on car repairs. Moij would also like to work as a tour guide in the future – possibly for Reality Tours and Travel! Moij is extremely busy, attending the Youth Empowerment Program as well as a computer course in Marine Lines. Sometimes he also helps his brother, who is a tailor.