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Project Front Foot Season 2012/13

In the past year, thanks to the generosity of individuals, clubs and counties, Project Front Foot and the dedicated founder Vic Mills have been able to transport 350 kilos of donated clothing and kit to Mumbai; a huge undertaking that would not have been possible without the continued support of British Airways.

After providing kit to our U14 and U18 squads, the surplus was placed with orphanages and NGOs in Mumbai and residential schools around Maharashtra.

To our established coaching team, Bhavana and Harshad, we were able to add the services of Pete Woolcock a sports graduate from Liverpool University who assisted Bhavana and Harshad in implementing new coaching drills and was on hand to set up and run PFF’s first ever fitness tests. Asim, Reality Gives Community Centre manager remained the conduit between the kids, coaches and our sister NGO Reality Gives.

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The Dharavi Art Room

The Dharavi Art Room has been almost established as its own brand. Every child in the by us called “papad area” (as most women living in this area produce the famous crispy papads) know the colourful room above a resident’s house which is run by Bombay Underground.

During the school vacation in April and May we have been running the art classes every day, conducting activities such as drawing and painting on canvas, wall painting, making crafts out of old plastic bottles, origami folding etc. And of course we continually do our photography workshops.

In fact the photos shot in the last year have been so amazing that we decided to organise a second exhibition at the False Ceiling Gallery in Bandra. “Mumbai 17 – A Dharavi Art Room Exhibition”aimed to break down the negative image people have of slum communities (heard that before somewhere before didn’t you?) by showcasing the optimistic point of view of the kids in Dharavi. The photo selection was colourful, happy and surprisingly professional (a surprise for the visitor, not for us of course).

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Parents Meeting At Royal City School

After the first two weeks of school, the teachers and program manager Lakshmi felt the importance to meet the parents in a first introduction meeting on Saturday, June 29th. There were many reasons behind this decision:

First, the necessity to create a dialogue between the community and the school – one of the major objectives of the project. In our vision, families and school should cooperate in all aspects regarding the children’s lives. Second purpose was to explain the reasons behind our different educational approach, which is based on an active, group-centred and child-focused learning. Some parents were already asking: “Where are the books? I cannot see any homework on my child’s notebooks! What kind of classes are you offering?” We are happy that the parents noticed that our approach is significantly different. Now it’s our turn to show them that it can work!

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