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Five TED Talks We Love, And Why We Love Them

Since 1984 ‘Technology, Entertainment, Design’ (more commonly known the world over as ‘TED’) have been sharing ‘ideas worth spreading’ relating to all things, from education to business, science to development. In the last 30 years, they’ve shared over 2,400 talks in more than 100 languages which have been viewed 500 million times.

These talks are a regular source of ideas, information and inspiration here in the Reality Group office – here are a few we love, and why we love them. Continue reading Five TED Talks We Love, And Why We Love Them

Royal City School Opens It’s Doors For a New School Year

Last Monday schools across the country opened their doors and welcomed back students from their summer holidays. Over at Royal City School, it was no different.
With four new teachers joining the staff (more on them later), there was a palpable sense of expectation and excitement in the air at the school. We were struck by the (what must be universal) nostalgia about the promise of a new, unblemished textbook, a brand new pencil case filled with brand new stationary, and a rucksack bigger than the child wearing it. A great reminder of the common humanity we all share.

“Thursday was the first day I have ever felt like I was important, and that my families’ happiness and learning mattered”

Last week Reality Gives staff, volunteers and supporters joined forces with an incredible team of India First employees, and 8ft ‘Doreamon’ and ‘Chota Bheem’ mascots (popular children’s cartoon characters), to deliver Royal City School’s first ever annual sports day.

With races for children from Kindergarten to Standard II and even the mums and dads competing, it proved to be an incredible experience for all involved. Reflecting on the day Letizia De Martino, Reality Gives Executive Director shared, “In our vision we say that we want to build a world where underprivileged communities have equal access to opportunities and resources. I think today we did it! Our children got an Annual Sports Day as any child should deserve to have”.

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Our Hopes for 2015

The beginning of a New Year is often a time for reflection, for taking stock, and for looking to the future, which is exactly what we are doing here in Dharavi.

We asked some of our staff, beneficiaries and minor celebrities (Pubalan) what their hopes, dreams and resolutions were for 2015. Here’s what they had to say…

Over at Royal City School, Educational Programs Director, Lakshmi shared that “in 2015 I look forward to becoming computer savvy and all teachers speaking nothing but English from the moment the first bell rings in the morning to the end of the school day”.

Standard I Teacher, Krishna told us My wish for the New Year is
to return to the school after giving birth to a healthy baby, and to keep up
with current affairs”
. “I want the New Year to be good for everyone” added her student, Afsanjaha.
Afsanjaha, Standard I Student, Royal City School

Elsewhere in the organisation Computer Teacher, Ravi said “I wish to learn advance computers – like tally, software, DTP and to improve my English fluency. I wish to teach all my students in English only. For my students – I wish that they learn computers and English and continue their studies” and his colleague, Banu wants “to visit my native place (the village she is from in Tamil Nadu) with my whole family and meet my younger brother who is away from us for four years“.

Karthika, from the Girl’s Football Program shared her wish to “write a letter to Peter (our former Sport Programs Director who is moving to the US) and to learn Dance as well. I do not want to fight with her brother in the year as it causes lot of nuisance to my parents and I want to do a job and help poor and needy people“. 

“My wish listen is to be number 1 on trip adviser” Reality Founder, Krishna told us, “it will help us to get more funds through our tours for our projects. I also wish to do some programs in the recycling area of Dharavi”, whilst Reality Gives Executive Director, Lethy said “in 2015 I wish Reality Gives will touch more and more lives. Helping young people in Dharavi to flourish to their full potential”.

Thumbs up to 2015 from Reality Give’s beneficiary,  Pubalan

Finally, the last word, as it so often does, goes to Pubalan, who wishes “to learn good things and make good friends. I want to grow trees to save the earth”. It seems 2015 is going to be quite a year!

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“It is the people of Dharavi that have touched me the most”

A few weeks ago Jayne Gorman, a UK based travel blogger contacted us to inform us she wanted to blog about Reality. Having visited us during the last four and a half years, which she has spent travelling the globe from Goa to the Vatican, San Francisco to Mumbai, Jayne explained that in that time her tour of Dharavi and exposure to the work Reality Gives had remained a very vivid, unique and important experience and she wanted to spread the word about us. So, without further ado, over to the professionals. Here’s her article, ‘A Charity Close to my Heart – Reality Gives in the Slums of Mumbai’

When I visited Dharavi, India’s largest slum, in Mumbai back in November 2010 I was struck most not by the disarray of the surroundings but the generosity of the people. Amongst swampy streets and littered wasteland children played with smiles on their faces. Workers toiled proudly in unsafe conditions; women kept the floor of their simple homes spotlessly clean. It was Duvali and celebration cake was being dished out to excitable children. They clutched it in their grubby hands and ran barefoot through piles of human and industrial waste to find a quiet place to enjoy it. Not before they had offered their guests the first taste though, they were exceedingly well mannered about it.

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