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[Interview] “Football has made me strong and confident”

Recently Goal Click asked us to help them identify a girl in Dharavi to take an analog camera with 27 shots on it and capture insights into their experience of football in Dharavi as part of their world wide mission to’provide a person in every country with one analogue camera and one roll of film to take photos that symbolise football in their country.’

To determine which of the girl’s would be charged with this challenge we asked them to write an essay entitled ‘Why should I be the Goal Click representative’. In this blog article, we capture a little more information about our winner, Blessy, and find out what football means to her…

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International Women’s Day in Dharavi

This previous Saturday people across the world came together
to mark International Women’s Day and here in Dharavi it was no different.
At the Community Centre our Youth Empowerment Program
students presented speeches, posters and plays about influential women (ranging
from hockey players to astronauts and politicians), on the football field the
Dharavi Girls Football Program got together to send a message out to the world and
the Reception Centre hosted an exhibition of photographs taken by five women
from Dharavi, whom were unequivocally, the stars of the day.

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Art Class Students Explore Bandra Through A Camera Lens

Last week we invited you for the exhibition’Dharavi: hum baccho ki nazar se – Dharavi: through kids’ eyes’ at False Ceiling Gallery in Bandra West from 21st to 24th April.It is still going on and everybody is welcome to marvel at the photos. But hurry up, we already sold a lot of photographs!
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