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Count on Cycling and Beach Clean-up with RUR!

Today RUR – Are you reducing, reusing, recycling?, the Panasonic Experience Centre and the Reality Group organised a cycle rally to promote the cause of e-waste recycling in Mumbai. Seventy people of all ages – the youngest was 6 years, the oldest above 70 years old – participated in the event to support the cause and spread the word for a greener Mumbai.

RUR is a longterm partner of Reality that provides us with recycled paper, conducts workshops on recycling in our Community Centre and helps us to promote our school tours. Panasonic supports them as they aim to become a green technology provider as well – at their store in Andheri where the tour started everyone could come and give their e-waste for free. They will recycle it in a 100% clean way. Reality Tours and Travel provided the bicycles – therefore a big thank you to our amazing Asim who had big issues to organize them in a bicycle free city.

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