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Dharavi Through Kids’ Eyes

We are super excited to invite all our friends, fans and supporters to the exhibition ‘Dharavi: hum baccho ki nazar se – Dharavi: through kids’ eyes’ at False Ceiling Gallery in Bandra West from 21st to 24th April.

Since November 2011 Himanshu from Bombay Underground has been teaching the kids who visit out Community Centre in drawing, painting and photography. You can read more about Bombay Underground and the art class at www.realitygives.org/bombay_underground_project.php. The results were so stunning that they were for sale on our Dharavi tour for all our customers. No group passed without one person buying a postcard set, notebook or a print out.

From the profits and additional donations we already bought two new cameras, three more will follow. But we need more funding to maintain the existence of the art class in the next months. 38 new kids joined the new art class which began on Saturday, the 14th April. That means a lot of art supplies and cameras are required.

So we thought to accomplish more funding and to present the photographs to the public we will do an exhibition in the new art gallery False Ceiling in Pali Naka, Bandra. We will display 60 photographs and paintings made by the kids in Dharavi and from other art projects of Himanshu with underprivileged kids in Mumbai.

So if you live in Mumbai and you will be in town this weekend, here are 10 good reasons why you shouldn’t miss this:

1. Your living room would look so much better with a nice framed photograph taken in Dharavi – for us one of the most beautiful areas in Mumbai!
2. For Rs 1000 everybody can afford the art pieces.
3. If your walls are already covered with art you should either clear out the old fashioned stuff you have hanging there or you can also buy notebooks, postcards or a shirt of Reality Gives. We have something for everyone!
4. The profits of the sale go towards the art class – we need art supplies, cameras and we have to finance the teaching.
5. Going to an art exhibition has so much more style then your usual weekend activities like washing clothes, party till 1.30am or getting a hair cut. Do something intellectual and good, you won’t regret it.
6. Free food and drinks!
7. At False Ceiling you can cool down from the current heat.
8. It’s in Pali Hill so very attractive located to go shopping and dining afterwards or before.
9. We know how much you all love to meet Summer, Chris and me (Adina) to talk and laugh with us. We try to be there all the time!
10. If the first nine stunning reasons didn’t convince you a 10th won’t do it as well!

Read www.facebook.com/events/412803875400847/ here about the event, program and the art class. Please also invite your friends and share the event on your Facebook wall.

The exhibition will be open everyday from 11am to 11pm from the 21st to the 24th April. False Ceiling Gallery is in Pali Hill, close to Pali Village Cafe and next to Whity Cleaners. There will be a banner so that you can’t miss it.