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Letter From Chris Way Our Founder.

Reality Gives, since it was created in August 2009, has focused on providing quality education to the people of Dharavi. We have been able to educate children through our kindergarten, Youth Empowerment Program and English Language Support programs. All of which has been made possible by the revenue generated through our sister organisation Reality Tours and Travel.

However, we continually hear time and time again that our customers are inspired by the tours and wish to do more for the incredible people of Dharavi. Many individuals ask if they can donate additional funds to our efforts and increase the work we do.

As of 2012 we are starting a new initiative to build connections to other NGOs in the Dharavi community who can benefit from your support. While not run by us, we have strong ties to each of these projects either as beneficiaries or co-creators of the programs; we only endorse projects which have the potential to grow and we monitor to make sure that the projects achieve their goals. We also provide non-financial support, using our staff’s expertise and knowledge of Dharavi.

In this blog we will keep you up to date about all our projects, we will introduce you to beneficiaries and staff, we will give our customers and supporters the chance to public their thoughts and we will of course also keep you informed about changes of Reality Tours and Travel.

We hope you will learn more about the work we do and join us in creating change in our communities!

Best wishes,
Chris Way
Founder of Reality Group