Our Dharavi Runners Rakesh, Afsha, Sheeba and Anand

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Our Dharavi Runners Rakesh, Afsha, Sheeba and Anand

Some weeks ago we already introduced you to our Dharavi Runners and football girls Mahalakshmi and Christeena. Now we would like to unveil the rest of the team.

Eight of our Dharavi runners are already sponsored by our very generous supporters. Find out how you can sponsor our remaining enthusiastic participants from Dharavi including the YEP students on our website.

Rakesh is a student on the Youth Empowerment Program for the second time! He really enjoyed it the first time but he felt that he could use some extra practice so he is back for more. He has just taken the SCC but need to clear three more subjects: Hindi, Marathi and Science. Rakesh loves music and dance and would like to be a professional choreographer or dance teacher when he is older.

Afsha has just completed her HSC in Commerce. She joined the YEP because she wanted to learn more about computing. Afsha is very creative and she would loek to become a fashion designer, designing ladies’ clothes. She is currently searching for a suitable course in Mumbai and plans to apply once she has completed the YEP course. She finds the English Language on the YEP course quite easy but shewould like to improve her speaking skills and feels thats this is a really important opportunity.

Sheeba joined the YEP together with her sister Zaiba. She is a Bachelor of Commerce graduate and would ultimately like an accounting job in a bank. Her parents will let her fo whatever makes her happy but her older brother doesn’t approve of her career choice. In her free time Sheeba enjoys reading English storybooks and teaching small children in the Community Center of Reality Gives. She provides the tuition classes to a group of local children in English grammar, song and poems.

Anand is our head coach of the Dharavi Girls Football Program. Originally from Jharkhand in North East India he joined the football program of our partner organisation Yuwa three years back right at the start. He is passionate about providing opportunities for girls through football and believes you can empower them and work with them to prevent forced early marriages and dropping out of school. He is an experienced football player and coach and would like to continue to work with girls teams in the future. He joined the YEP to improve his English skills, particularly his speaking fluency and accuracy to also speak to the Yuwa founder Franz in his mother tongue.