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Inspiring Stories From 2013

Today we would like to tell you the stories of some incredible people who choose to support Reality Gives by raising funds and awareness for our projects . These are the stories of the Reality Gives Ambassadors 2013:

Therese and Andreas Uhrner and kids visit the cause they fundraised for. The Swedish family contacted us in early January with the idea to fundraise for a social cause in Mumbai which they could visit when they visit India in February. As the mother works with disabled adults in Sweden they were especially interested in the CORP (Community Outreach Program) Centre for disabled children in Dharavi.

The family raised Rs. 60,000 ($ 1100) through their kids’ birthday parties and at work from colleagues. February 7th they finally visited Dharavi on a slum tour with Reality Tours and Travel and visited the CORP centre afterwards. Especially their children enjoyed to play with the other kids at the centre. The seven year old son Lukas even taught some hearing disabled kids Swedish sign language.

Beginning of April we finally distributed the hearing aids the young family provided by their generous donation. Faia (14), Mayur (12), Asif (9) and Triveni (18) were very happy to finally get the medical supply they were hoping for for a long time.

Monika is an expat living with her fiancee in Mumbai. She ran the Hiranandani Thane Half Marathon in February 2013 and thought it would be a great chance to also fundraise for a good cause. She has a degree in nutrition an nursing and therefore decided that the money she would raise should benefit the FMCH Nutrition Initiative in Dharavi.

Monika raised GBP 310 by setting up a profile on She approached her friends by sending emails and spreading the word on facebook. Her experience during fundraising was very interesting: “It seems to me, always the people who have the least money are the ones who choose to contribute.”

By the way Monika managed to finish in 1:44 minutes, placing her on the 5th place among females. Congratulations!

To be an Ambassador you don’t need to commit to raise a high amount of funds. Even by spreading the word of the social issues in Dharavi and the work we do you can support our cause.

Hui-Fen Anna Liao from Taiwan hosted a living room concert at her home to support a local band. She also wanted to use this opportunity to tell her friends about her experience in Dharavi and the social activities of Reality Gives. She raised a total amount of GBP 26 which she donated directly to Reality Gives. Julia and Nathalia collect cameras for the Dharavi Art Room.

Julia is an expat living in Mumbai who volunteers for our partner NGO, MCH (Foundation for mother and child health). She is also a passionate blogger and photographer and shares her experience of living in a foreign country on She and her husband recently visited “Mumbai Dharavi Art Room Exhibition” and volunteered to take some students on a photo walk in the close neighbourhood of Pali Naka. Of course she wrote about it in her blog but also requested all her friends to donate old cameras they don’t use anymore for the kids to use at the art program.

Former FMCH volunteer and Reality Tours and Travel Dharavi Tour customer Nathalie reacted immediately and asked her friends too.Together they collected nine cameras which Julia’s husband will bring along from UK soon. And this in just a two weeks time! Great work!

Julie and Aaron recently contacted Reality Gives with the idea to support Reality Gives from abroad wherever possible. Through their attached resumes we realised that both are very talented in the fields of marketing and design so we decided to unload our marketing director a little bit and gave them tasks in the field of PR. The outcome was great and we very impressed by the commitment both added to their work.

We are truly thankful for all Ambassador efforts and the funds and donations in kind raised. We hope that these stories will also inspire YOU to consider a possibility to support Reality Gives too. Please find out more on or contact Adina, Reality Gives Marketing & Fundraising Director at