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Become A Reality Gives Ambassador!

You would like to get involved with us but you have no money to donate? You like our projects and would like to spread the word about them? And above all you ♥ Dharavi as much as we do? Then you are a perfect candidate to become a Reality Gives ambassador.

What do I do as a Reality Gives Ambassador?

You simply organize an event to raise funds for a specific project of Reality Gives. This can be a football tournament to support the Yuwa Girls Football Program or an exhibition of the photographs made in the art class of Bombay Underground in our Community Center. Or you can also just ask your wedding guests to donate to a project of your choice on your name. Or you create a challenge: run a marathon, do a trek or travel through a country and ask your friends and family to help you raise your fundraising challenge amount which will support our cause. Of course you can do it in a team or also alone. There are a lot of possibilities and we find the one which suits you best.

How do I do this?

With our help of course. We will provide you with an extensive media kit including T-shirt-print design, check-lists, information sheets, gifts for guests etc. This of course depends on the event and project the ambassador likes to support. We will stay in contact with you during the whole project  – we mail you, we chat with you and we call you. Step by step we create a great event together so that your visitors can’t say no to you.

What will I get from this?

There are different incentives in levels for every project. So your reward depends on the amount you raise. If you for example raise £ 100 we will mention you with a photo on Facebook. If you raise £ 500 we will mention you on Facebook, Twitter and our Blog and tell your whole story with photos. If you raise £1000 you will become a official sponsor of the project with mention on website, blog, social media and newsletter. Also you and your team will be mentioned on a special sign in our Reception Center in Dharavi, accessible for all our beneficiaries and the customers of Reality Tours and Travel. Every ambassador or team of ambassadors becomes a certificate with a Thank-you of the beneficiaries and our ‘I love Dharavi’ shirts. But this all depends on the event and project.

How can I start?

Our first project we would like to win ambassadors for is the Yuwa Girls Footbal Program. We suggest two options an ambassador can chose from:

  • HOST A FUNDRAISING EVENT AT HOME! You are a sports obsessed person? You and your friends don’t miss one match of cricket, soccer or football? Then make your hobby to a fundraiser! Invite your friends to watch a match with you and ask them to “bet” on their favorite teamdonate the amount raised. We will provide you with a media kit to inform your guests about the project and us and of course help you also to organize the event. If you are interested, send a mail to
  • A TEAMSPORT MATCH TO FUNDRAISE! If you join a team of passionate soccer or any other team sport players this option suits you best. Host a match between two teams, invite friends, family, fans and the public, ask them at the entry to bet on their favorite team. The match becomes a double challenge: win the match and win the fundraising challenge. The winner becomes an official sponsor team of our girls team, incentives included. Also here we provide a media kit and help throughout the whole process. If you are interested, send a mail to

If these options don’t suit you or you are not interested in sports but art, education or environment and would like to support a project in these fields, send also a mail to Together we find a way to make you an ambassador for us.

Become a Reality Gives ambassador now and help us create a change in our community!