Youth Empowerment Program Students Afreen, Yogeshwar and Sobha

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Youth Empowerment Program Students Afreen, Yogeshwar and Sobha

After a break of our Reality Gives stories we are back now with three more YEP students who successfully graduated three weeks back. We wish them and all the other students of this batch very good luck.

Afreen’s older sister Amreen is a former student of the Youth empowerment Program and encouraged Afreen to sign up. Afreen studies for the HSC in Commerce in the morning and is keen to improve her English and computer skills in the afternoon. Afreen would like to work in banking, bu her parents would prefer her to take on household responsibilities and later get married.

Yogeshwar passed his HSC in Commerce but family’s financial problems meant that he didn’t continue his education. Instead he went to work at Matunga Labour Camp as a garment maker for three years. He then applied for a job as an airport security guard. As he did not manage to qualify he wants to improve his English while he applies for other security jobs both in India and abroad. He is working hard on his conversation skills as he thinks this will improve his job prospects.

Sobha is studying at college for a BCom in Banking and Insurances. She is a dedicated student and attends college classes form 7.30 to 1pm before coming to the Youth Empowerment Program from 2.30pm until 5.30pm. She is enjoying the course but says she is very tired. She actually lives in Sion Koliwada but heard about the course through a friend who lives in Dharavi. She hopes to work in banking in the future.