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[Interview] Our School Support Program at Royal City School – Explained
27 Jun 2013

[Interview] Our School Support Program at Royal City School – Explained

Lakshmi with the students of the Royal City School in Dharavi doing an action song. The students are not used to it yet as it is their first week back in school. Last week we blogged about the inauguration of the new English Language Support Program at the Royal City School in Dharavi. To make you understand the whole project a little bit better we have interviewed the ELS Program …

21 Jun 2013

Intern Nieck

In today’s blog I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Nieck Slikker, I’m a 26 year old student at Stenden University (city of Leeuwarden) in the Netherlands. As of the 8th of June, I am the new addition to the Reality team here in Mumbai, although it will be for a short period of 4 months. I am what they would call ‘the intern’. Other titles …

18 Jun 2013

Our New School Support Program At Royal City School In Dharavi

We are very sorry that it has been silent on our blog for such a long time. As you might have read on our facebook page, our Executive Director left Reality Gives due to unfortunate circumstances. But of course we would like to inform you also about some positive change within our organisation and certainly the biggest recently has been the ones for our English Language Support Program. In the …

22 May 2013

Inspiring Stories From 2013

Today we would like to tell you the stories of some incredible people who choose to support Reality Gives by raising funds and awareness for our projects . These are the stories of the Reality Gives Ambassadors 2013: Therese and Andreas Uhrner and kids visit the cause they fundraised for. The Swedish family contacted us in early January with the idea to fundraise for a social cause in Mumbai which …

10 May 2013

Recent Developments Our Yuwa Girls Football Academy

After a long break from December to March the Yuwa Girls Football Program finally started again with full power. The two new coaches Kalawak (17) and Anita (18), both village girls from the Yuwa program in Jharkhand have started to give daily training sessions on March, 19th. At the beginning just ten of the initial 20 players strong team returned to the training. But the reason wasn’t lack of motivation …

04 May 2013

Reflections From Our YEP Graduates

Yesterday the recent Youth Empowerment Program batch with 26 students graduated after 3.5 months studying English, Computer and Soft Skills. Steph, the new CEO of Reality Tours and Travel handed over the certificates to the happy students. It was an exciting batch with a lot of new developments. Laura, our research volunteer from UK worked with the students to improve her English Language Mobile Learning Program and got some very …

03 May 2013

YEP Students Zareena, Falak, Tauqueer and Asif Share Their Stories

Zareena lives with her six sisters, three brothers and parents in Dharavi. Her father is in the navy. She is currently studying for her H.S.C.. Zareena is very creative and would like to have her own business in the future. She also likes the idea of being a teacher, but she is still young so has plenty of time to decide. She thinks English language skills will defintely help her …

02 May 2013

YEP Students Sulbha, Anand, Prabhawati and Moji Share Their Stories

Sulbha has recently married and settled in Dharavi with her husband’s family. She thinks that English language skills will be very important if she has children in the future. She also feels these skills are essential for any job. She would be particularly interested in working in a library. In her free time, she likes to read newspapers and books in English, Hindi or Marathi. Anand is studying for his …

28 Apr 2013

YEP Students Amalin, Pradnya and Safina Share Their Stories

Amalin is Catholic and attends mass regularly. The mass is conducted in English, so she would like to be able to understand it fully. Her friends at college speak English, and she would like to improve her fluency so she can join them. Her family is originally from Tamil Nadu, and she speaks Tamil at home. Her mother is a housewife and her father is a barber in Dharavi. Amalin …

27 Apr 2013

Meet YEP Students Zaiba, Afshan and Vaishali

Zaiba came to the Youth Empowerment Program to improve her English and computer skills after completing both the HSC in Commerce and a tailoring course in Dharavi. Zaiba hopes to enrol on a telecommunications course at Bhavans College, Churni Road. She is a talented painter, and wanted to become a graphic designer, but her parents would prefer her to find a job in computing.