[Interview] “Football has made me strong and confident”

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[Interview] “Football has made me strong and confident”

[Interview] “Football has made me strong and confident”

Recently Goal Click asked us to help them identify a girl in Dharavi to take an analog camera with 27 shots on it and capture insights into their experience of football in Dharavi as part of their world wide mission to’provide a person in every country with one analogue camera and one roll of film to take photos that symbolise football in their country.’

To determine which of the girl’s would be charged with this challenge we asked them to write an essay entitled ‘Why should I be the Goal Click representative’. In this blog article, we capture a little more information about our winner, Blessy, and find out what football means to her…

“Football has made me strong and confident” says 14yr old Blessy Sippora. Blessy is in her 10th grade doing her schooling from Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, Sion, Mumbai. She lives in Dharavi, where her family has been residing for 40 years now. She is the eldest among her siblings. Her younger sister is in the 9th grade and is also a member of the Girls Football team.

Blessy has been playing football for two years now and thinks that playing the sport has brought a lot of changes in her life. “I have not only become fit but have also learned life skills like team work, discipline, communication to name a few. Even though I am in the 10th grade, my mother encourages me to play because I have learned to manage time for studies and practice sessions. A lot of people know me now and I get chance to make new friends and visit new places. My parents are proud of me and that makes me happy!”

In her free time she enjoys reading, watching TV and of course playing football. Her dream is to play professional football and encourage girls from Dharavi to take up the sport and follow her footsteps.

“I am really happy that I got the opportunity to showcase how football is played in my
locality – that even girls can play football!I am not a photographer but I’ll try to take good pictures. I have the best team and the bestest coach who are always there to help and support me. I know there are only 27 shots. So I will try not to make mistakes and capture the best moments.” When she’s through all 27 shots, Blessy will send her camera back to the UK where the pictures will be used in an exhibition compiled of participants photos from across the globe. Can’t wait to see the results!!