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In poor urban communities, teenagers have often had less access to quality schooling options as younger children and therefore face a huge skills gap when they grow up, particularly with English, Computers, and basic soft skills. This impacts their future education and career opportunities, as well as their sense of confidence and self-worth, making them unable to break out of the cycle of poverty. Currently there is an entire generation of young people that are struggling because of this and they need our support.

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    Dharavi / Sanjay Colony

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Reality Gives feels very strongly that these young men and women, underserved by their school education simply because of where they were born, should still have the chance to fulfill their potential. Our Youth Program reflects this belief, and whether it’s a young person wanting help finding a job, a teenager wanting to learn English, or a woman wanting to improve her standing within her family, our aim is to prove that second chances do exist.

The youth we support are predominantly first-generation English learners. Their motivations for enrolment usually centre around three main issues: they drop out of school at an early age and struggle to find a job, they want to go to college but their English and self-confidence are not strong enough, they are women taken out of school by their families who want to gain back some form of education to prove to their families that they also have a voice, as well as to assist their young children with their homework.

The Program provides Level 0 to 3 English Classes (Basic to Intermediate), Computer classes, and Special Activities such as Group Discussions, Movie Screenings, and development workshops by sector experts. It is designed to equip the student with the abilities they need to follow paths in life which they were previously excluded from.

English Classes

English Classes

Speak, listen, read, and write in English to use in daily life; for work and casual conversations.

Computer Classes

Learn how to use MS Office and the internet in order to access opportunities and perform well at different jobs.

Special Activities

Special Activities

Develop soft skills and personal awareness through workshops whilst practising English communication skills.

Our Success Stories

We are committed to help our youth. Their stories tell us that through equitable access to education and development opportunities change is possible.


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