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As a community-based NGO we witnessed first-hand the negative impact that a lack of access to quality schooling options and development opportunities has on children and youth living in urban slum communities. Their future choices and livelihood are put at risk just because of where they are born. We decided to take action.

In line with the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda to eradicate poverty in all its forms and dimensions, Reality Gives commits to ensure inclusive and quality education (Sustainable Development Goal 4) for all, in urban slum communities across India.

OUr programs

Access to quality education has the potential to change lives.

We provide children with holistic English medium schooling and youth with learning opportunities to bridge their skills gap and help them in their development journey.


Our programs are driven by the passion of our local team, a strong focus on teacher’s development and the use of contextual and inspiring curricula.

Teacher Training

Teacher Training

High quality in-house training for teachers, enabling them to:

  • Deliver holistic education
  • Develop “Champion Teachers”
  • Grow into community leaders
Team from Local Community

Team from Local Community

Hiring 80% of our employees from the community enables us to:

  • Understand Beneficiaries’ Needs
  • Create a sustainable model
  • Empower future Leaders
Local Curricula

Local Curricula

Enhancing existing curricula or designing our own allows us to:

  • Achieve specific outcomes
  • Keep local context in mind
  • Bring in global best practices

“Reality Gives reaffirmed my belief that internationally 'good' teaching & learning is possible despite challenging contexts”

Amisha Modi - Adhyayan


In spite of struggles, urban slums are vibrant communities, with a strong sense of resilience and

desire for the new generations to break from the cycle of poverty.


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