The Significance of the Indian ‘Mo’

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The Significance of the Indian ‘Mo’

The Significance of the Indian ‘Mo’

As most of you will know by now, ‘Moustache Wallahs’ is in full force over here in the  Reality Gives’ office with plenty of our boys sporting a mo. We’ve now begun some awareness session, talking ‘scrotums, the prostate, impotence and depression’ and are planning more sessions and clinics in the next few weeks.
Our moustaches have sparked many locals and tourists to share the history of moustaches in India, along with many interesting facts. We thought you might be interested in our findings…
Jitu, Jonny and Asim sporting some spectacular mo’s

For generations of Indian men, a moustache has been a must. Throughout history, it was thought that the more fabulous your facial hair was, the more masculine you were. Before the eighteenth century only high caste men were allowed to keep moustaches. So, moustaches were seen as a symbol of power. However, it is now becoming ‘the thing’, especially in northern India, for men to be clean shaven. This could be due to the heavier Western influence in the north, the fact that few famous cricketers and Bollywood stars have moustaches or according to a recent AC Nielsen Survey, women prefer to hang-out, date and kiss a clean-shaven man, so potentially vanity is playing a part. We haven’t been given one definite answer. However, we are without doubt that the choice to have, or not to have a moustache is not taken lightly out here.

These facts only confirmed this feeling for us:

– An Indian will swear on his moustache to demonstrate his sincerity.
– To say someone’s “moustache is drooping” is to say he is sad.
– The world’s longest moustache measures 14 feet and belongs to an Indian
man called Ram Singh Chauman. It is enough of an attraction to earn him a living. He charges modelling fees, he starred in Bollywood films and even had a cameo in the Bond film Otopussy,
– It is often a mandatory requirement for doormen in five star hotels to have moustaches.
– In some families, it is necessary for a man to wear a moustache until his father passes away. He will then have freedom to shave his moustache.
– Traditionally moustaches were seen as a sign of virility.
– Believe it or not but police in the northern Madhya Pradesh state get paid an allowance for growing a moustache. Police chief Mayank Jain came about the idea during a seminar when he noticed that the police officers who had moustaches were getting looks of respect from others in the room. So it made logical sense to benefit from this additional respect. Any police officer who grows a moustache will be paid an additional 30 rupees a month for their efforts. The only catch to the allowance is that the police chief has to inspect the moustaches himself.
Through sporting our mo’s we’re proud to become a part of this rich history and also raise awareness about men’s health.