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Reflections From Our YEP Graduates

Yesterday the recent Youth Empowerment Program batch with 26 students graduated after 3.5 months studying English, Computer and Soft Skills. Steph, the new CEO of Reality Tours and Travel handed over the certificates to the happy students.

It was an exciting batch with a lot of new developments. Laura, our research volunteer from UK worked with the students to improve her English Language Mobile Learning Program and got some very interesting insights.

Laura also worked on the great profiles of the students which we published in the last days here on our blog. She talked to the students about the importance and impact of the program and got some really interesting reflections. Here are some of them:

“I only had Kannada medium education and so it has been really difficult for me to speak English, but now I am really excited because I am finally beginning to understand what is happening around me.” Prabhavathi, YEP student and young mother.”

“I want to help my sons. They are studying in English-medium school. Nowadays schools ask parents how their children are doing and all, and for that reason I need to learn English. Also, I want to get a better job, because whatever we earn, me and my wife, in a day, we just spend on food, on our children’s education. It’s not sufficient for us. I’m looking for a job, like shipping, on a cruise liner, but my English needs to be better.” Gowardhan, YEP student and carpenter.

“Coming here and joining this course, I get a lot of confidence. Before coming here, I was very embarrassed to talk with friends. I was not confident in speaking English, whereas my friends, they can speak in English in a very natural way. Now, joining this course, I feel very confident now. I definitely understand more and I feel very good.” Pratiksha, YEP student and commerce graduate

After coming to this class I know that many small-scale industries are in Dharavi. Before I was thinking Dharavi is not a good place, but now I’m very proud because I’m living in Dharavi. Even we see foreigners who want to come and learn about Dharavi. We have many education facilities and hospital facilities and already we are seeing many changes in this community. I hope in the future it will become a very good place.” Amalin, YEP and college student.

On Tuesday USERINNOV conducted their Demo project workshop on problem solving with the students. The idea behing this program is to take a particular social issue and work together to find creative solutions with the least expenses. The subject of this workshop was waste management. Different groups were working on different theme fields like dry and wet waste, education or plastic recycling and pitched their ideas at the end of the day. It was a very nice experience for all students as they learned how to work in a team to solve problems within their communities.

On Wednesday a workshop on career guidance took place at the Community Centre. It basically guides the students through the possibilities after graduating from the Youth Empowerment Program.

Today some of the students performed at the Teach for India graduation ceremony at the National Centre for Performing Arts in South Mumbai. After weeks of practising the song “He got the whole world in his hands” they were selected amongst many participating schools all over Mumbai. We are very proud of their hard work and commitment towards this performance.”

The next Youth Empowerment Program batch will start in the middle of June. We wish all our teachers a very restful vacation!