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Personal Feedback on Dharavi Tour

Some weeks ago we blogged about the students for the Berkeley Carroll School in New York who came to India to build a Community Center in a Maharashtrian village.

Claudia, one of the students just sent us her feedback on the slum tour they did before they went to the village:

“My experience with Reality Tours was amazing and eye-opening. When I realized that we’d be taking a tour of a slum I became nervous and anxious, I had never been to a place similar to Dharavi. I was skeptical about taking a tour through someone else’s home. I hadn’t known how much Reality Tours/Reality Gives gives back to the Dharavi community through their kindergarten and community center. When walking around Dharavi with our tour guide, we were greeted warmly by everyone we encountered. I was surprised by the positive feeling that I got from the community, and I gained so much respect for the people of Dharavi. Our tour guide was great too, he knew so much about the various industries in Dharavi. Also, he had personal connections with the people, which made our tour much more special. It was an amazing opportunity to be able to walk the slums with someone who was so knowledgeable about the community. I really enjoyed my experience with Reality Tours, and I would encourage anyone who is given the opportunity to take it.”

Thanks Claudia for your words. We wish you and your friends all the best for the future. We had an amazing time with you and we hope you will visit us again.